Hi! My name is Lindsworth Deer, a former Telecoms Technician and a freelance Telecoms Researcher. Hailing from Milk River, Clarendon but living in Swallowfield, Kingston, Jamaica.

MICO Wars - How to trap your Cat in one Place as Cats love Circles - 08-12-2014 LHDEER (4)

I do Computer Repair, smartphone unlocking, CCTV Camera Installation as well as making Money from Writing Online. I’m also the Administrator for another popular blog, My Thoughts on Technology and Jamaica as well as an Associate Editor for the Geezam Blog. I’m now doing a year and six month Diploma in Professional Studies while at MICO University College.

My blog is really a reflection on my experiences while at the MICO University College and Technology and the Sciences, my chosen Teaching Field. Email me at lindsworth.deer@gmail.com.  You can reach me at 1(876)8710170, 1(876)8103537 to discuss any of my articles! Thanx!


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