How GraceKennedy will achieve 20% growth in the USA via Amazon

“Shopping online allows greater access and convenience for existing and new consumers via one of the largest online shopping portals”

GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby commenting on GraceKennedy push to sell condiments on Amazon

GraceKennedy, following in the footsteps of local condiments manufacturer Walkerswood Caribbean Foods, has now created a storefront (Gordon, 2015, October 30) on Amazon to sell their line of Condiments.

How GraceKennedy will achieve 20% growth in the USA via Amazon

This includes everything from Grace Jamaican Red Hot Pepper Sauce to Grace Ginger Select Tea sold under several categories:

  1. Hot Sauce
  2. Sauces
  3. Meat Seasonings
  4. Packaged Chicken Soups
  5. Herb, Spice & Seasoning Gifts

They also seem to have a Beauty Supplies section selling some really strange looking Deodorants that I’ve never seen before.

GraceKennedy has been selling Jerk Seasoning on Amazon since August 2015 and had actually been awarded the No. 1 New Release badge (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, September 7) in the herbs, spices and seasoning gifts category.

Now they’re selling condiments along with their Jerk Seasoning in single bottles and four-packs on Amazon. To handle larger shipments, GraceKennedy ships them from La Fe Foods Inc, which they’d purchased for US$26 million in July 2014 (Collinder, 2014, July 20) and renamed GraceKennedy Foods USA as part of their push into the American market.

Their strategy seems to be working, as GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby points out they’re receiving orders from 39 states including Alaska and Hawaii, putting them on course to achieve 20% growth (Gordon, 2015, April 30) by the end of 2015.

Here’s the link:

GraceKennedy Website

GraceKennedy on Amazon

GraceKennedy Limited Twitter Feed: @GraceKennedyGrp

GraceKennedy Limited Facebook Page

GraceKennedy Limited YouTube Channel


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