10 Steps to becoming more confident despite your own fears

Confidence. It’s that intangible thing which makes the difference between feeling scared and feeling powerful.


When you feel confident, you are unstoppable and it seems like your path is laid out clearly in front of you. When you lack confidence, however, you can feel afraid, and sometimes all you can see ahead is the possibility of failure.

At some stage in our lives almost all of us will need to conquer our lack of confidence. (I’ve certainly been there!) The question is, how do you do it?


Oftentimes coaching and transformation can bring about an increased level of confidence. (One of the many great by-products of the process.) While this does not happen overnight and there is no magic pill, the following are some strategies I have found that work wonders when working with clients.

Get out of your comfort zone

When you do the things that you think you can’t, your comfort zone will continue to expand. Even doing something seemingly small every day will lead you to something bigger. You will grow and will begin to feel unstoppable. Just take that first step.

Be yourself — unapologetically

Remember, you can’t control others or what they think. Wayne Dyer believes that if you ask 30 people their opinions of you, you are likely to find you have 30 different reputations. Strive to observe and witness others’ opinions, rather than being attached to them. Find a personal style that feels great to you. Dress well, in the clothing you feel is very you. Live your life the way you feel is right.

Acknowledge your fears. Fear is normal

The key is to not let it debilitate you. Recognizing your fears will not make them come true. It’s best to acknowledge and address the fears rather than not face them. Write out what you are afraid of and what you will do to mitigate those fears.

Let go of the idea of perfectionism

Striving to be perfect can cause self-doubt (as well as “stuckness”). Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Not allowing yourself to make mistakes will halt your growth. Overthinking can do the same.

Keep reminders of your awesomeness

Jack Canfield says, “Self-acknowledgment and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.” Make a list of the qualities that are fabulously YOU. Acknowledge your own achievements. Revisit this list when you feel down.

Find what makes you feel confident — physically

I recently worked with a woman who said that she literally gets a physical feeling when she feels confident. (I agree; confidence is not just in the mind.) I asked her to pay attention to what she is doing when she feels that feeling, and do more of that. One thing she came up with was listening to a specific song in the car. When she listens to it she feels awesome. Simple.

Be mindful of your body language

This takes a level of self-awareness and presence. As I took dance classes throughout my childhood, I frequently heard the teacher announce, “Heads up and shoulders back! Stand up straight and tall!” Give it a shot. Walk and move with purpose. It makes a world of difference rather than walking slouched with our heads down, which makes us feel low and sends out a negative impression to the people around you. Watch for folded arms and slouched posture, and for fidgeting with your hands. Smile and make eye contact.

Practice assertiveness

When you address your own needs, miracles happen. So ask for what you want. I dare you.

Think confidently

Placing your focus on the worst possible outcome can cause you unnecessary anxiety, and stop you taking action. Use your energy to acknowledge that there are an endless number of outcomes. What you focus on expands. See the results you want and they are likely to happen.

Forgive yourself when you’re beating yourself up

Remember that you can begin anew any day. Your past does not predict your future. Implementing some of these items can help you overcome the limitations that a lack of confidence imposes on you, and guide you as you find the power within to start changing your world.

Feeling more confident is one part of living a happier, more fulfilling life.


Ravn Rae, owner of Mez and the Ministry of Health plan to require prescription for ecigarettes

“I have to ensure the decision is a right one because, as a small business owner, I have limited resources”

Ravn Rae, owner of Mez, Jamaica’s first vape and smoking supplies store

Vaping and hookas are getting a boost in Jamaica.

Especially now that Ravn Rae has opened Jamaica’s first vape (Scott, 2017, February 15) and smoking supplies store. The UTECH graduate started her business due to demand Vaping supplies and electronic cigarettes.


Her business, which is four (4) years strong, is the result of hard work and research, after noticing that ecigarettes and vaping products are only available for purchase online. She saw an opportunity and thus launched into business, educating herself along the way, to quote Ravn Rae: “I researched the items for over a year, I went to trade shows and I created a network of supplies”.

The Ministry of Health plans to make available via prescription (Deer, 2014, September 24) in the near future, as they are an alternative treatment for people trying to quit smoking. Good to note here that the Ministry of Health has banned smoking in Jamaica (Deer, 2013, September 29), so this possibility is very much on the cards.


As for Ravn Rae, North coast expansion is in her eyes as her islandwide deliveries pick up steam, quote: “I make a lot of island-wide deliveries and my aim is to provide these products and goods for the Jamaican people”.


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How to water your indoor plants using Wine and Beer Bottles

Have plants that need watering while you are on vacation?

Love drinking beer or even wine (Deer, 2016, December 26) and have a lot of bottles about the place?


Here’s a handy way you can use those bottles (Bradford, 2016, July 28) aside from cutting them and using them in a rooftop hydroponics (Deer, 2013, July 31) garden.

  1. Water your plants as per usual
  2. Fill the wine or beer bottle with water
  3. Hold the wine bottle over the plant’s pot
  4. Flip the bottle over and quickly stick the neck of the bottle into the soil
  5. Lean the bottle against the edge of the pot to keep it upright

Logically, you’d think all the water would run out of the bottle. It doesn’t, as the capillary action of the plants roots in the soil means that the water slowly seeps out into the soil as the plant uses it in photosynthesis. Additionally, air from the slowly drying soil has to rush in and replace the water.

As there is no air in the water to quickly displace the water, this process happens very slowly.

A wine bottle bottle or three (3) beer bottles will last about a week with small potted plants and three (3) weeks in smaller plants. Plants will stay green and leafy as they drink the water from the soil, making it dry so that more water can trickle out of the beer bottle.


Expand this concept to a larger farm using a large Water Tank and pipes buried underground and you have a means of watering large fields without the farmer having to go out into the field constantly to water plants.

Never let it be said that your beer and wine drinking habits were in vain! Sharing is caring so share this hand watering tips and never have your green leafy plant go green when you go on vacation.


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How Jamaicans can make US$1000 per month from International Survey Websites

Many of my readers have been requesting I do an article on International Surveys after I did the article on making money from Surveys (Deer, 2016, December 17). This as that article requires you to use a VPN provided via Opera (Deer, 2016, September 20), making many feel as if they’re breaking the law.


You still need to have the following in place:

  • Paypal Account (Deer, 2015, September 9) as your main Payment Gateway
  • Payoneer Account (Deer, 2015, September 10), an Bank of America Prepaid Debit Card
  • Scotia VISA Debit (Deer, 2012, February 13) or CIBC First Caribbean VISA Debit Card
  • Broadband Internet at home from FLOW or Digicel Play (Deer, 2016, June 28)
  • Notebook or Journal to keep Track of all your Online Accounts and Passwords
  • Portfolio of Published Written Work on a blog or Website online i.e. Blogs, e-books
  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connection
  • A Friend or relative living abroad

So without further ado, here are some survey websites available for Internationals including Jamaicans:

So go ahead sign up with an International Survey website. I’ll take awhile, but you’ll eventually start making US$1000 per month from sharing your opinion on a variety of products and services online.


Sharing is caring so share this resource with as many friends as you can online.



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